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DeckVision Maritime Video Monitoring

For enhanced safety, better security and reduced liability, BlueTide’s maritime video monitoring solutions offer the ability to produce a reliable and accurate record of both crew and vessel through its DeckVision services. Featuring 24/7 live and recorded video, view from your computer web browser or from our BlueVision® iOS application.

Put your fleet at your fingertips.

Monitor live video and manage your vessels from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch using our proprietary BlueVision® app. From video monitoring, live streaming, deck snapshots and instant contact with each vessel, it's your central touchpoint—anywhere, anytime—on or off your vessel.

The BlueVision app, a proprietary solution for customers of BlueTide Communications, enhances operational efficiencies with easy-to-use features that connect users to the vessel—whether you are onboard or in the office. For the first time, manage risk, safety incidents and even logistics and load planning directly from your phone.

BlueTide BlueVisionBlueVision combines the following critical services into one easy-to-use platform:

  • View 24/7 video streaming or deck snapshots
  • Take screenshots or download video clips of potential concerns and email the images from the app
  • Contact boat personnel or BlueTide’s global Network Operating Center
  • Share vessel specs with customers and vendors

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