Thieves no longer need to compromise a physical location to execute predatory objectives and reap profits. Big data is the new gold, and unfortunately, opportunity seekers and accidents plague global enterprises. As technology advances, making more high-stakes, high-tech onshore and offshore ventures possible, those same enterprises become increasingly valuable and vulnerable targets. Whether internal or external, all a successful cyber threat requires is access. 

Value of Data Access

In February of this year, security expert Dell released its 2016 Security Annual Threat Report detailing 2015’s cyber attack trends and identifying continuing challenges for 2016. Data collected for analysis included “daily feeds from more than one million firewalls and tens of millions of connected endpoints, Dell SonicWALL network traffic and other industry sources.” 

Dell’s analysis identified four primary risks:

Patrick Sweeney, vice president of Product Management and Marketing at Dell Security, stated, "In today’s connected world, it’s vital to maintain 360 degrees of vigilance, from your own software and systems, to employees’ training and access, to everyone who comes in contact with your network and data."

The Three A’s to Control Access

The keys to controlling access inevitably narrow to three components — authentication, authorization and accountability:

Cybersecurity breaches within the maritime and offshore oil and gas industry highlight how costly a single incident can be. January 2016’s article in The Maritime Reporter, "CyberSecurity in Shipping and Offshore Ops," details how hackers have compromised automatic identification, electronic chart display and information, global positioning and even information technology systems. One single incident reportedly cost World Fuel Services an estimated $18 million.

Sabotage, Espionage and Accidents

Viable threats are both external and internal, but best-practice security measures, such as those offered by Royce Hernandez of leading broadband satellite service provider Hughes during BlueTide’s 2015 Executive Advisory Council, can help:

BlueTide Communications – Secure VSAT Services for Maritime Operations

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