On land, you can’t live without them. At sea, they provide entertainment and connectivity. These are your streaming media services—real-time audio and video—and they include an ever-growing list of both free and subscription favorites like Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, Pandora and Spotify. They’ve become expected elements of maritime communications and VSAT services, but they also require some smart planning and management strategies.

Demanding Bandwidth

Known as bandwidth hogs, streaming content services—especially those containing video—are typically demanding of maritime communications services:

If bandwidth is insufficient, however, poor quality, delays and buffering degrade performance, leaving you with lost time and frustration.

VSAT Considerations for Streaming

Multiply usage by assorted services and total users, and your ship’s demand on its VSAT system skyrockets. It’s easy to see why streaming content over VSAT requires management and balance—and the right VSAT package to handle it all. Key considerations include:

Streaming Within the Maritime Community

Determining who will have access as well as how, when and where they’ll have it should be a top priority. The demands that users place upon VSAT services, their expectations, individual practices, mobile and electronic devices, traffic flow and content all impact your system’s performance. If you would like more information on VSAT packages that will support streaming services, contact BlueTide on our website or call 337-205-6710. From single-user light browsing to multi-user Wi-Fi streaming, we can design the VSAT services package your budget can support and your maritime communications need.