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Using VSAT to Create Logistics Efficiencies

offshore rig and carrier boat

Downtime and mistakes are costly onshore. Offshore, inefficiencies can cost millions of dollars and put entire ventures at risk. BlueTide Communications, however, has a number of innovative VSAT services and tools for precision voyage planning and lean logistics. These tools automate information needed by vessel managers, allow onboard personnel to remain on task and deliver cost savings at a maximum return on investment wherever you are.


 1. Optimize load planning with accurate cargo visualization.

Knowing exactly what cargo is on-board and how it’s loaded is essential information for vessel captains, onshore vessel managers and cargo owners. BlueTide’s DeckVision product--which can be accessible in real time by all three of these parties--is an effective solution. It features 24/7 live and recorded video that’s viewable from both smart devices and desktop browsers.

BlueTide account manager Ryan Gravouia explains the advantages of DeckVision and BlueVision, both of which are made possible via a reliable VSAT system: “We’ve seen captains taking pictures of their decks and then having to email them to vessel managers for logistics planning. With DeckVision, vessel managers can view the back deck in real-time and get a clear picture of loading capacities.” Along with its BlueVision app counterpart, DeckVision takes the guesswork out of coordinating how much cargo a vessel can take on and how many stops it can make before unloading.

2. Create transparency into vessel arrival and departure times.

Vessel logistics is a delicate balance of onshore planning and offshore execution and the art of ensuring plans are effectively executed depends on reliable VSAT systems. BlueTide’s vessel mapping platform provides tools for voyage planning that bridge that gap and automatically augment manual logs to integrate checks and balances into the trip. Vessel managers onshore can track a vessel’s position, speed and headings as well as apply additional data overlays like weather to gain an accurate view of conditions.

Meanwhile, geo-fencing features track vessels and transmit alerts as they enter, dwell or exit designated zone parameters—a feature that is completely customizable and used around any significant area or destination like wells or ports. In short, managers can understand exactly what is happening in real time without relying on direct contact, and allowing ship officers and personnel to remain on task.

3. Reduce stand-by time to conserve time and fuel consumption.

Time spent waiting consumes valuable fuel and manpower resources. BlueTide’s geo-fencing can prove invaluable for that, too. “Customers typically set 100-meter zones around wells to track when a vessel is actively loading or unloading cargo,” Gravouia says, adding, “Then, they can add a 400-meter zone beyond that to indicate when a vessel is in the stand-by area. It’s particularly useful during stand-by mode."

This information allows vessel managers to make real-time logistics decisions that save on time and fuel consumption. Dwell zone alerts can notify onshore managers of potential issues if vessels remain in a zone too long and with information updated as frequently as every 2 minutes, data is precise. The result is improved coordination and planning as well as vessel safety, security and cost effectiveness.

VSAT Services for Maritime Communications

Optimal maritime logistics depend on flawless execution, so choose a provider that offers VSAT service plans with unlimited data. With customizable alerts, monitoring and management all in real time, no detail goes unnoticed, and logistics goals become achievable. For more information on DeckVision, BlueVision, or vessel mapping and geo-fencing products, contact us and let us show you how we can improve your return on investment through better, more efficient maritime communications and logistics.

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