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Hosted Applications

BlueTide provides a range of value-added applications designed to meet the evolving needs of the maritime market. BlueTide hosts these services and can tailor them based on specific customer requirements.



Online tracking features efficient and effective online daily reports—allowing for better vessel management and operations. The benefits of this service include faster notification, better information distribution and improved data collection (including historical comparison information graphics and charts). 



To ensure your business-critical applications have sufficient bandwidth by maintaining optimal utilization standards, BlueTide has developed proprietary controls through its VAN solutions. 

  • Bandwidth Control: Usage monitoring and management customized for guaranteed bandwidth allocation and maximum network performance. 
  • Content Control: Content filtering and priority-based usage through custom protocols set at the user, device or application level. 

BlueTide AMP

VAN services are complemented by Access Management Portal (AMP®)), a proprietary BlueTide iOS app.

AMP gives BlueTide customerson or off sitevisibility into wifi usage through a convenient, user-friendly mobile interface. AMP also provides customers the ability block and reauthorize devices instantaneously to maximize real-time throughput. 

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For enhanced safety, better security and reduced liability, BlueTide offers the ability to produce a reliable and accurate record of both crew and vessel through it DeckVision services. 

  • LiveView: 24/7 video featuring live and recorded video. View from your computer web browser or from our BlueVision® iOS application. 
  • SnapView: A powerful addition to our Vessel Mapping capability, Deck Vision adds a snap shot of the back deck of the boat each time the location is recorded. This snap shot can be seen in historic view so changes on the back deck can been seen to view load size, safety strapping, and personnel over time.


Phone6 B

Phone6 A


The BlueVision app, a proprietary solution for customers of BlueTide Communications, enhances operational efficiencies with easy-to-use features that connect users to the vessel—whether you are onboard or in the office. From video streaming and deck snapshots to instant contact with individual vessels and geolocation services, the BlueVision app serves as a central touch point for fleet communication. 

Designed for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, users can access 24/7 live video or request recorded video history of the deck, take screenshots of any potential concerns and email the images directly from their device. Customers can use BlueVision to contact their bridge and engine rooms or call BlueTide’s global Network Operating Center for additional support.
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vessel mapping

Showing location, time stamp, speed and heading overlaid on Google maps, BlueTide global vessel mapping is comprehensive. Elements include historic location and heading information mapping as well as measurement tools, with location being updated every seven minutes or shorter if needed. Lease blocks are overlaid onto the map in the Gulf of Mexico making it easy to see where your vessel is relative to platforms and other structures.