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KNS SuperTrack

Z6 MK2 

KNS SuperTrack

Z7 MK2

KNS SuperTrack

Z8 MK2

 Z6 MK2  Z7 MK2  Z8 MK2
61 cm (24in)
85cm(D) x 84cm(H)
WEIGHT: 65 kg
3 axis; unlimited azimuth
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75 cm
3 axis; unlimited azimuth
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KNS SuperTrack
Z6 MK2 (61 cm)

Z6 MK2

Dome Dimensions: 
Weight: XXX 
3 axis; unlimited azimuth 
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Access Management Portal (AMP) App Video Demo

Access Management Portal (AMP) App Video Demo

Until now, more bandwidth was the only answer for a slow internet connection. 

For the first time, contrl bandwidth anytime, anywhere. 

For the first time, see real-time bandwidth information like data use by access point, number of devices connected or data use. 

For the first time, see who's on, where and how much data each device is using. 

For the first time, instantly block and authorize devices. 

Click here to learn more about the power of AMP(R) Bandwidth Management app or contact us today for a demo. 

BlueTide VSAT Infographic2016

BlueVision App Video Demo

BlueVision App Video Demo 


Do you know what's happening on your vessel in real time?

Monitor and manage your vessels from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch using our proprietary BlueVision® app. From video streaming, deck snapshots and instant contact with each vessel, it's your central touchpoint—anywhere, anytime—on or off your vessel. 

For the first time, manage risk and safety indicents from your phone.

  • Remotely view live video 24/7 and easily submit requests for video clips
  • Take snapshots and email them directly from the app
  • Email vessel specs to customers instantly
  • Quickly contact your vessel and BlueTide support
  • Use favorites for quick navigation to vessels

Click here to learn more about the features and capabilities of BlueVision® or contact us today for a demo. 

Maritime Communications Services Video

Maritime Communications Services Video

Built on Great Technology

Integrating proprietary solutions with the world’s leading technology companies, BlueTide delivers highly reliable voice, data, vieo and monitoring solutions built to withstand the harshest conditions.

BlueTide brings the power of Hughes—the world’s largest commercial VSAT service provider with 4 million VSAT terminals shipped to 100 countries and a global market share of over 50%.

The Power to Reach People

The BlueTide global network utilizes the latest satellite technology from global satellite operators. We leverage teleports and satellites to service regions around the world. With standard and custom-designed solutions, BlueTide enhances the productivity and efficiency of the maritime industry.

We’ve got you covered with robust global coverage servicing 13 international maritime regions with 8 teleports. And growing with our customers’ needs. BlueTide's VSAT communications networks serve customers around the globe, including the Gulf of Mexico, Trinidad, Brazil, the North Sea, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Reliable Communications in Remote Locations

From corporate communications needs and email to voice, video streaming, safety training or engine room monitoring, BlueTide delivers.

From 60 cm to 2.4 meters, BlueTide offers a range of antenna sizes, including antennas smaller than one meter when deck space is a premium.

Value-Added Solutions


  • Fully managed, hosted phone systems
  • Audio and video conferencing
  • Integrated smartphone solutions
  • IP faxing

Wireless Access Points (WAP)

  • Separate corporate and crew login
  • Access control
  • Content filtering
  • Custom usage reporting

Vessel Area Network (VAN)

  • To ensure sufficient bandwidth for business-critical applications, BlueTide has developed proprietary controls through its VAN® (Vessel Area Network) solutions.
  • Content control: Content filtering and priority-based usage through customer protocols set at the user device or application levels
  • Bandwidth control: Usage monitoring and management customized for guaranteed bandwidth allocation and maximum network performance.


  • BlueTide DeckVision® services increase safety, augment security and reduce liability with reliable and accurate recordings of both the crew and vessel.
  • LiveView: 24/7 video featuring live and recorded video. View from your computer web browser or from our BlueVision® iOS application.
  • Snapview: Take a snapshot of the back deck of the boat. Maintain a visual log of load size, safety strapping and personnel.

Put Your Fleet at Your Fingertips

BlueTide’s new BlueVision® app allows you to monitor and manage your fleet anywhere, anytime.

  • View 24/7 video streaming or deck snapshots
  • Take screenshots of potential concerns and email
  • Contact boat personnel or BlueTide support via voice or message
  • Vessel mapping showing location, time stamp, speed and heading overlaid with Google maps
  • Share vessel specs with customers and vendors

If your company demands rigorous efficiency, performance and support, rely on BlueTide Communications.