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Backup Communications Solutions

To ensure remote vessels or sites are never without communications, BlueTide offers complete Out-of-Band (OBM) and Automatic Fail-Over (AFO) solutions. Integrating L-band radio for backup communications provides an additional layer of reliability and is recommended when severe weather is common or service interruption is not an option.

Out of Band Management (OBM Solutions)

OBM backup communications solutions allow access to a remote network if the primary network system is not operational for any reason. OBM also allows a higher level of support for troubleshooting a remote network even when a technician is not present.

Automatic Fail-Over (AFO) Solutions

AFO ensures remote vessels or sites never have a communications interruption. BlueTide can provide a completely redundant satellite network system for automatic activation if a primary network service is interrupted for any reason. This ensures critical voice and data communications are always available.

backup solutions


Both backup communications solutions— out of band management and automatic fail-over —are made possible through a variety of L-band options like Inmarsat’s Fleet One and FleetBroadband 150, 250, 500, Iridium OpenPort and a variety of other systems. These compact and lightweight antennas are offered in a range of sizes and plans but are accompanied by complex service plans, numerous add-on features and confusing terms. Call BlueTide today to help navigate the options and determine the most appropriate solution for your vessel’s needs.