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Network Security Management & Maritime Cyber Security

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Our network security management solutions build a wall around your network to stop viruses, spyware, worms, Trojans and keyloggers before they enter.

With all-in-one, comprehensive on-shore and maritime cyber security solutions, BlueTide's Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS) combines a high-performance firewall appliance and powerful monitoring software with 24/7 support into a single bundle with a monthly service subscription and low upfront investment.

Block threats before they enter your network.

Entry points into your network may now include employee's laptops, desktops and smartphones. Our suite of land based and maritime cyber security solutions help ensure the safety and security of your shared data. Secure your network and data against these threats with comprehensive protection that includes intrusion prevention, gateway anti-virus, anti-spyware and content/url filtering.

Get rid of bottlenecks.

The amount of traffic being scanned by your firewall, as well as the increasing amount of threats and malware lurking in it, is quickly becoming more than many firewalls can handle. Designed to protect businesses without bogging down the network, BlueTide provides fast, reliable performance.

Keep your network productive.

Network performance can be slowed down by spam, unauthorized web activity and social networking traffic that have nothing to do with getting work done. Ensure critical business applications have the bandwidth they need with content and application management tools.

All-in-one network security management solution.

Combine the features of traditional firewalls, gateway anti-malware products, intrusion prevention systems and content filtering packages in a single cybersecurity solution. All of these security technologies are installed, configured, deployed and managed as one unit. All event data is available through one reporting system so it is easier to identify threats early and take appropriate measure BEFORE your security has been compromised.


  • Block viruses, Trojans, worms, rootkits and polymorphic "zero-day" malware at the gateway, before they reach your network

  • Land-based and maritime cyber security solutions

  • Prevent "drive-by downloads" from infected web sites

  • Mitigate denial-of-service and flooding attacks

  • Detect protocol anomalies and buffer overflow attacks

  • Stop network traffic from geographical regions and IP addresses associated with cyber criminals

  • Block outbound botnet "command and control" traffic from stealing customer lists, engineering designs, trade secrets and other confidential information

  • Prevent employees from visiting web sites containing content related to pornography, substance abuse, gambling and other objectionable topics

  • Ensure that high-priority applications (CRM, order processing) will get more bandwidth than less urgent applications (chat, video streaming)


Contact BlueTide for a complete assessment to evaluate your network's security. 

AMP Bandwidth Management

BlueTide AMP wifi monitoring

With the ability to block and reauthorize devices remotely, BlueTide’s bandwidth management and network traffic monitoring solutions puts you in control to instantly maximize real-time throughput.

Monitor, measure and control your wireless network with BlueTide’s Access Management Portal (AMP®) iOS app. AMP gives customers—on or off site—visibility into wifi usage through a convenient, user-friendly mobile interface.


This app provides powerful bandwidth management tools for amplifying the efficiency of available bandwidth.

  • Monitor and manage bandwidth by WAP, user device or time of day
  • See who's on, where and how much data each device is using
  • Instantly block and authorize devices


AMP is utilized by operations managers, captains and IT professional alike—with no special training needed—to save time and money while increasing operational efficiency. AMP delivers increased control of how bandwidth is used and reduces the cost of bandwidth by ensuring the right amount is assigned at the right time. We provide powerful network traffic monitoring solutions that are available 24/7, no matter where you are.

  • Bandwidth management controls set custom permission levels for each class of user
  • Customize maximum throughput, download limits and access times
  • Implement time-outs to prevent idle data usage

View a demo of our proprietary bandwidth management platform now!

VAN wifi network

Rather than buying more bandwidth, maximize your wireless network with VAN, BlueTide's wifi network solution.

Like a fuel gauge for bandwidth, Vessel Area Network bandwidth controls give BlueTide customers the ability to monitor, measure and control wifi usage. Featuring real-time management capabilities of wireless access points (WAPs), VAN is fully scalable and provides the flexibility to control both usage and content, either on or off site. The powerful, long-range access points are easily customizable with secure network configurations to accommodate multiple classes of users, apply dedicated bandwidth, limit data usage, limit duration of use or create a pay-per-use portal.


Vessel Area Network bandwidth control enables customers—both on and off the vessel—to optimize wireless network usage in real time. The solution empowers customers to monitor the network, create usage privileges and manage user access and devices. Easily block and reauthorize users from both the web portal and iOS app to ensure sufficient bandwidth for business-critical applications.

  • Remotely manage wireless networks
  • Monitor network bandwidth by WAP, user device, time of day or usage
  • Easily view, block and authorize users
  • Pre-programmed classes of service
  • Control guest and session expiration policies
  • Set dedicated bandwidth for user groups and networks
  • Single WAP login


Maintain compliance with corporate and customer requirements with an easily adjustable filtering application. Content filtering also minimizes network threats by blocking categories known for malicious software.

Manage content filtering and priority-based usage through custom protocols set at the user, device or application level.

  • Custom filtering options by domain or category
  • Choose from 55+ available categories
  • Manage white/black lists
  • View top domains visited
  • Understand usage by time of day


VAN is complemented by BlueTide’s Access Management Portal (AMP) iOS app to maximize real-throughput. Like a fuel gauge for network bandwidth, AMP gives BlueTide customers the ability to monitor, measure and control wifi usage—on or off site—through a convenient, user-friendly mobile interface.




BlueTide RESIS

RESIS, short for Renewable Energy Satellite Internet Skid, delivers solar powered mobile VSAT for remote and emergency communications needs. This powerful new solar VSAT unit is ideal for isolated land locations or disaster recovery efforts.

Portable and compact, RESIS fits in the bed of a standard pick-up truck for convenient transport and, with a nine-day battery capacity replenished through a state-of-the-art solar charging panel, it is a reliable source for data and voice requirements.



  • remote oil and gas and business operations
  • emergency/disaster relief efforts 
  • private islands
  • remote hunting/recreation leases


  • Flexible service plans for maximum efficiency
  • Compatible with multiple networks upon request
  • High-throughput satellite router
  • Fully-managed wifi through BlueTide’s VAN solution
  • Remote power monitoring with email/text alerts
  • Compatible with generator power upon request
  • Fits into standard truck bed for easy mobility
  • Solar panel with two 100 watt batteries for 9 days of power supply
  • Scalable configurations based on the area’s active solar hours


  • 1.2 meter fixed VSAT antenna
  • one (1) 305-watt, 24 volt solar panel
  • six (6) batteries
  • control panel with modem
  • router and wireless access point (WAP)

This solar powered mobile VSAT configuration is capable of sustaining power seamlessly up to 9 days without active solar hours. Additionally, the skid’s wireless network is fully-managed through BlueTide’s VAN solution with bandwidth and user control options to prioritize critical applications. 

 Call BlueTide at 337.205.6710 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to customize RESIS for your power and communications needs and to discuss emergency stand-by packages.

DeckVision Maritime Video Monitoring

For enhanced safety, better security and reduced liability, BlueTide’s maritime video monitoring solutions offer the ability to produce a reliable and accurate record of both crew and vessel through its DeckVision services. Featuring 24/7 live and recorded video, view from your computer web browser or from our BlueVision® iOS application.

Put your fleet at your fingertips.

Monitor live video and manage your vessels from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch using our proprietary BlueVision® app. From video monitoring, live streaming, deck snapshots and instant contact with each vessel, it's your central touchpoint—anywhere, anytime—on or off your vessel.

The BlueVision app, a proprietary solution for customers of BlueTide Communications, enhances operational efficiencies with easy-to-use features that connect users to the vessel—whether you are onboard or in the office. For the first time, manage risk, safety incidents and even logistics and load planning directly from your phone.

BlueTide BlueVisionBlueVision combines the following critical services into one easy-to-use platform:

  • View 24/7 video streaming or deck snapshots
  • Take screenshots or download video clips of potential concerns and email the images from the app
  • Contact boat personnel or BlueTide’s global Network Operating Center
  • Share vessel specs with customers and vendors

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