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Satellite VoIP (Voice Over IP)

BlueTide VoIP

BlueTide provides a fully managed, in-house satellite VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone system delivering powerful, next generation productivity features such as audio and video conferencing, integrated smartphone solutions and IP faxing. This gives our customers the ability to easily and affordably integrate communications accessories as needed.

Designed for remote maritime and offshore sites including yachts, merchant ships, offshore supply vessels, liftboats, rigs and platforms, BlueTide satellite VoIP services ensure customers are always connected.

Custom-Designed Solutions

Choose from a range of features for your unique needs including:

  • Voice mail and unified messaging
  • Call forwarding
  • Call transfer
  • Three-way calling
  • Privacy
  • Push-to-talk/paging
  • Hunt (or ring) groups
  • Call parking/pick-up
  • Auto attendant
  • Account/authorization codes

Reliable Satellite VoIP Service

BlueTide’s proprietary voice solution combines satellite VoIP over a dedicated international MPLS backbone with full QoS (quality of service) and a powerful satellite broadband connection to create a resilient and highly available IP voice network. The peered voice solution features fully-redundant hardware for maximum dependability as well as network firewalls for a secure connection.

The BlueTide fully-managed secure network integrates with many IP device manufacturers and models, is easy to install and is remotely manageable by our certified voice team.
Contact BlueTide today for greater reliability and control of your satellite VoIP services.

Marine TV Antennas

Our market-leading High Definition (HD) and Analog Television Receive Only (TVRO) solutions come from leading suppliers and we can provide complete TV networking systems on board the vessel or remote location, including multiplexers, DirecTV or Dish service and any other custom solution required. BlueTide offers a range of TVRO sizes to meet individual needs ranging from 45cm to 240cm.



KNS SuperTrack K-Series Marine TV Antennas

Delivering high quality satellite television to your vessel, the K-Series marine TV antennas are compatible with DVB-S2 & DiSEqC 1.2 and capable of automatic switching between four satellites. A competitively priced antenna and based on the same Z-series technology, the K-Series provides exceptional tracking ability, and is ideal for private and smaller vessels.

KNS SuperTrack
K4 (15")


Dome Dimensions: 47cm(D) x 50cm(H)
Weight: 9 kg
3 axis
Data Sheet >>

KNS SuperTrack
K5 (18")


Dome Dimensions: 51cm(D) x 53cm(H)
Weight: 11.5 kg
3 axis
Data Sheet >> 

KNS SuperTrack
K7 (24")


Dome Dimensions: 76cm(D) x 69cm(H)
Weight: 18 kg
3 axis
Data Sheet >> 


KNS SuperTrack S-Series Marine TV Antennas

Equipped with the state of the art KNS 3-axis servo stabilization system and built-in GPS, The S-Series outperforms all other TVRO systems in the market today. The larger S-Series antennas deliver stronger signal acquisitions for more efficient performance in any condition.

KNS SuperTrack 
S4 (18")


Dome Dimensions: 67cm(D) x 69cm(H)
Weight: 25 kg
3 axis
Data Sheet >>

KNS SuperTrack
S6 (24")


Dome Dimensions: 85cm(D) x 84cm(H)
Weight: 38 kg
3 axis
Data Sheet >>

KNS SuperTrack
S8 (33")


Dome Dimensions: 113cm(D) x 117cm(H)
Weight: 57 kg
3 axis
Data Sheet >>

KNS SuperTrack
S10 (39")


Dome Dimensions: 144cm(D) x 153cm(H)
Weight: 90 kg
3 axis
Data Sheet >>

KNS SuperTrack
S12 (47")


Dome Dimensions: 161cm(D) x 163cm(H)
Weight: 105 kg
3 axis
Data Sheet >>

KNS SuperTrack
S15 (60")


Dome Dimensions: 212cm(D) x 206cm(H)
Weight: 234 kg
3 axis
Data Sheet >>

Networking Equipment

BlueTide Communications uses the latest network equipment from leading provides such as Cisco, Linksys, Hughes Network Systems and Polycom. In addition, BlueTide has developed specific solutions for mapping and remote monitoring solutions.
As optional services, BlueTide Communications also provides live and recorded Video Surveillance, Systems Monitoring (such as Engine Monitoring), and Vessel Mapping.

Backup Communications Solutions

To ensure remote vessels or sites are never without communications, BlueTide offers complete Out-of-Band (OBM) and Automatic Fail-Over (AFO) solutions. Integrating L-band radio for backup communications provides an additional layer of reliability and is recommended when severe weather is common or service interruption is not an option.

Out of Band Management (OBM Solutions)

OBM backup communications solutions allow access to a remote network if the primary network system is not operational for any reason. OBM also allows a higher level of support for troubleshooting a remote network even when a technician is not present.

Automatic Fail-Over (AFO) Solutions

AFO ensures remote vessels or sites never have a communications interruption. BlueTide can provide a completely redundant satellite network system for automatic activation if a primary network service is interrupted for any reason. This ensures critical voice and data communications are always available.

backup solutions


Both backup communications solutions— out of band management and automatic fail-over —are made possible through a variety of L-band options like Inmarsat’s Fleet One and FleetBroadband 150, 250, 500, Iridium OpenPort and a variety of other systems. These compact and lightweight antennas are offered in a range of sizes and plans but are accompanied by complex service plans, numerous add-on features and confusing terms. Call BlueTide today to help navigate the options and determine the most appropriate solution for your vessel’s needs.

Portable Satellite Phones & Satellite Hotspots

For convenient satellite communications including portable satellite phones and satellite hotspots, portable kits for use with travel, remote locations, or even for back-up communications are available. Secured in protective cases, the kits contain everything needed for voice, data and, of course, WiFi satellite hotspots and can be used almost anywhere in the world. Whether on land or at sea, these personal communications devices keep you connected anywhere on the planet.

Learn more about our most popular portable satellite phones below or call us to fit you with the best equipment and service plan for your needs.

Iridium 9555

Iridium 9555

The powerful Iridium 9555 portable satellite phone is designed to work everywhere. Engineered for the world’s harshest environments, this rugged compact phone features an internal antenna, enhanced SMS and email messaging, speakerphone and mini-USB port.


Iridium Extreme

iridium extreme 9575 2

Delivering the same reliable voice and data but with more features than before, the Iridium Extreme satellite phone offers global coverage with customizable GPS, online tracking and emergency SOS notification.


Iridium GO!

iridium go 2

Iridium GO! creates a reliable global voice and data connection for up to 5 mobile devices. This device offers convenient satellite hotspot connectivity where terrestrial networks cannot. Small enough to fit in your pocket and rugged enough for rain, sand and dust, the Iridium GO! extends the range of any smartphone, laptop or tablet with cost-effective plans for voice and data.


Inmarsat IsatPhone 2

inmarsat isatphone2

Inmarsat IsatPhone 2 provides excellent voice clarity and call stability on the world’s most reliable satellite communications network. The rugged design, unrivaled battery life and fast network registration makes this portable satellite phone the dependable choice. Features include incoming alerts, tracking, assistance button, and texting with 8 hours of talk time and 160 hours of standby time.