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LiveView Onboard Video

BlueTide® offers reliable and accurate record of both crew and vessel.

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spec sheets resisR.E.S.I.S. (Renewable Energy Satellite Internet Skid)

An autonomous and portable satellite unit powered by solar energy, this skid features nine days of battery run-time for reliable communications. 

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spec sheet vanVAN Bandwdith and Content Control

Rather than buying more bandwidth, optimize your network with BlueTide bandwidth control and content filtering. 

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spec sheet ampAMP Access Management Portal iOS App

Easily block and reauthorize users from the iOS app to ensure sufficient bandwidth for business-critical applications.

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spec sheet SECaaSSECaaS Security as a Service

Combining effective intrusion prevention, anti-malware and content filtering, the all-in-solution delivers superior threat protection and application control without compromising performance.

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Z6 MK2 (60 cm) S4 (45cm)
Z7 MK2 (75 cm) S6 (61cm)
Z8 MK2 (85 cm) S8 (85 cm)
Z10 MK2 (1m) S10 (1m)
Z12 MK2 (1.2m) S12 (1.2m)
Z15 MK2 (1.4m) S15 (1.5m)
Z7 MK3 (75 cm) K4 (39cm)
Z8 MK3 (85 cm) K5 (45cm)
Z10 MK3 (1m) K7 (61cm)
Z12 MK3 (1.2m)  


Z7 MK3 - KA (75 cm)  
Z10 MK3 - KA (1m)  


X10 MK3 (1m)  
X10 MK3 - KA (1m)  

Maritime Satellite & VSAT Service Videos


Marine Satellite Voice and Internet, Monitoring and Support

BlueTide’s strength is building and maintaining a global satellite network and remote marine satellite equipment coupled with dedication to transparent and value-added resources that maximize networks. With a focus on getting control in its customer’s hands, BlueTide gives customers transparent access to and control over their bandwidth usage.

BlueTide has a history of developing custom solutions for its customers seen through its service plans and policies to support the changing demands of the industry as well as an understanding of the operational challenges of communications on a vessel. BlueTide has gone beyond providing a satellite link to customizing its infrastructure and applications to support the industry.


Video and Vessel Management App

BlueTide's BlueVision iOS app serves as your central touchpoint for fleet management with the ability to monitor and manage your fleet anywhere, anytime. 

BlueVision offers reliable and accurate record of both crew and vessel from your mobile device for increased safety and security as well as accurate load visualization. The app features 24/7 remote viewing of live streams with pan/tilt/zoom and fixed camera options as well as the ability to take deck snapshots or request video clips from BlueTide's global network operating center. 


Monitor, Measure and Control Bandwidth

As part of its commitment to best-in-class satellite technology and transparent network monitoring, BlueTide developed the AMP (Access Management Portal) iOS app for iPads. Available through the Apple App store, AMP is a proprietary application engineered to allow customers to easily manage their onboard wireless networks either remotely or onboard the vessel.

AMP enables its users to block and reauthorize devices instantly—delivering real-time control of how bandwidth is being used, how much, when and by whom. Since uninterrupted communications are a valuable commodity to the maritime industry and critical to meeting operational, safety and passenger requirements, the ability to easily control, prioritize and manage how the bandwidth is used has become vital.