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Cybersecurity is more than an IT issue

Maritime Professional (June 2016)—Patricia Keefe with Maritime Professional brings light to the issue of cyber risk and its impact on the maritime industry. Her latest article "Cyber Security: Wake Up Call" explores the real risk to vessels and the "lack of awareness among companies, if not their crews." Often-times sabotage-type incidents are most highly publicized but in reality the accidental or unintentional breaches by mariners are much more common. Bringing together experts from across the industry including BIMCO, U.S. Coast Guard Cyber Command as well as BlueTide's Managing Director Emil Regard and BlueTide's security partner, Michael Crean of Solutions Granted, Keefe advises cyber risk is much more than an IT issue. Read the full story on page 34. 

 BlueTide Maritime Professional Cybersecurity 2016