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BlueTide Communications adds another premier solution to its communications services

Vessel Area Networking (VAN®) provides exceptional optimization capabilities

BROUSSARD, Louisiana (June 2, 2015)—BlueTide Communications (BlueTide) launches Vessel Area Networking (VAN®)—proprietary controls designed to ensure business-critical applications have sufficient bandwidth by efficiently managing usage and eliminating the need for additional bandwidth.

Featuring real-time management capabilities of wireless access points (WAPs), VAN is fully scalable and provides end users the flexibility to control both consumption and content, either on or off site. Accommodating compliance needs while enhancing overall productivity, VAN includes custom protocols for oversight at the user, device or application level. Supported by content filtering options, VAN guarantees network safety as well as the ability to optimize network performance. With VAN’s unprecedented visibility into a site’s usage, BlueTide customers can micro-manage or ‘macro-monitor’ bandwidth at any time from any location.

VAN provides the ability to see who is using bandwidth and make real-time decisions regarding its allocation by both user and application. Bandwidth control includes the ability to administer guest and session expiration policies, to allot dedicated capacity for different groups and networks and to pre-program multiple classes of service. Content-filtering features include custom options that can accommodate over 55 categories as well as insight into category visits by time of day. BlueTide Managing Director Emil Regard says “VAN reflects our commitment to excellence. With a goal of providing customers industry-leading visibility and management over their bandwidth, we have developed the most reliable, most robust wireless network manager on the market to maximize this critical resource.”

Complemented by BlueTide’s Access Management Portal (AMP®) app, VAN can also be managed from iOS devices. Like a fuel gauge for bandwidth, AMP gives BlueTide customers the ability to monitor, measure and control wifi usage—on or off site—through a convenient, user-friendly mobile interface. AMP can also maximize real-time throughput with a feature to block and reauthorize devices instantaneously.


About BlueTide
BlueTide is based in Broussard, Louisiana, USA providing expertise in Maritime VSAT communications for commercial and leisure markets since 2009. Originally formed as the Communications Division of ESSI Corporation, BlueTide was established as an independent division of ESSI in 2014. BlueTide serves customers around the globe including the Gulf of Mexico, Trinidad, Brazil, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. BlueTide provides primary and back-up broadband satellite communications as well as a host of value-added services including video surveillance, VPN, commercial grade voice services, mapping and monitoring services. BlueTide supports industry leaders whose communications needs are critical to their success. To learn more, visit