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BlueTide Communications introduces cybersecurity solution

The Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS) solution delivers scalable, cost-effective network protection

BROUSSARD, Louisiana (April 4, 2016)—BlueTide Communications (BlueTide) strengthens remote site network defense with its industry-leading Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS) solution. Perfectly suited for remote maritime and offshore sites including yachts, merchant ships, offshore supply vessels, liftboats, rigs and platforms, the enterprise-grade network protection combines anti-malware, intrusion prevention, application control and content filtering.

The all-in-one cybersecurity solution features deep packet inspection, anti-malware and application control to protect against network vulnerabilities, malicious attacks and potentially compromised BYODs traversing the network. With the ever-increasing risk of malware—a number that nearly doubled to 8.19 billion samples in 2015 according to the 2016 Dell Security Annual Threat Report— advanced threat protection is necessary to secure vessel systems and applications including navigation systems, dynamic positioning systems, manifest documents, other operational systems and third-party applications.

“Our customers realize the need for increased network security; but without the resources to monitor, detect and prevent threats, it became evident a managed solution is optimal,” says BlueTide Managing Director Emil Regard. “When a vessel’s sensitive systems are made increasingly vulnerable by improperly maintained BYODs and the rising number of cyber threats, it’s imperative to apply robust security measures without compromising network performance.”

The BlueTide global network operating center provides 24/7 real-time event monitoring, analytics and reporting on application traffic, bandwidth utilization, threats and suspicious activity. As a managed service, customers rely on BlueTide to identify trends on their remote networks and offer recommendations to improve network security. Additionally this cybersecurity solution becomes a powerful troubleshooting tool to minimize downtime related to malicious applications, and with new vulnerabilities emerging and morphing each day, the firewall is continuously updated without interruption or a reboot.


About BlueTide

BlueTide is based in Broussard, Louisiana providing expertise in maritime VSAT communications for commercial and leisure markets since 2009. Originally formed as the Communications Division of ESSI Corporation, BlueTide was established as an independent division of ESSI in 2014. BlueTide serves customers around the globe including the Gulf of Mexico, Trinidad, Brazil, the North Sea, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. BlueTide provides primary and back-up broadband satellite communications as well as value-added services including video surveillance, VPN, commercial-grade voice services, mapping and monitoring services. BlueTide supports industry leaders whose communications needs are critical to their success. To learn more, visit