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BlueTide Communications’ Emil Regard Speaking at VSAT Global 2016

HTS and Cybersecurity on Regard’s agenda during VSAT Global 2016

BROUSSARD, Louisiana (June 6, 2016)—BlueTide Communications (BlueTide) Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director Emil Regard is participating as speaker and panel member during the VSAT Global 2016 conference. The 19th annual conference is held in London September 13 – 16, 2016 to examine some of the biggest issues facing the satellite industry including HTS, satellite innovations in LEO, MEO and high altitude platforms as well as the growth and evolution of the industry.

With the potential for much higher capacity at a fraction of the cost of Ku-band services, HTS has the potential for significant market disruption. As part of a panel with Dave Rehbehn, vice president of Hughes International and Nigel Gibson, director of Gibson Professional Search, Mr. Regard will address new business models for HTS and how it will impact the value chain and end-user market.

Additionally, Mr. Regard will address the topic of maritime cybersecurity defining both the risks and challenges to implementing effective security measures. With ships becoming increasingly connected, automated and overall more reliant on internet, the risk of cyber attack grows. This new type of risk requires the adoption of tools and controls as well as personnel and process changes to address vulnerabilities. Mr. Regard will share guidelines every operator can follow to improve security efforts and create a solid cybersecurity strategy to prevent hackers from compromising a vessel network.


About BlueTide

BlueTide is based in Broussard, Louisiana providing expertise in maritime VSAT communications for commercial and leisure markets since 2009. Originally formed as the Communications Division of ESSI Corporation, BlueTide was established as an independent division of ESSI in 2014. BlueTide serves customers around the globe including the Gulf of Mexico, Trinidad, Brazil, the North Sea, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. BlueTide provides primary and back-up broadband satellite communications as well as value-added services including video surveillance, VPN, commercial-grade voice services, mapping and monitoring services. BlueTide supports industry leaders whose communications needs are critical to their success. To learn more, visit