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BlueTide Communications premieres skid for remote and emergency communications needs

Renewable Energy Satellite Internet Skid (RESIS) delivers solar-powered VSAT

BROUSSARD, Louisiana (August 4, 2015)—BlueTide Communications (BlueTide) announces a powerful new solar unit for connectivity in disaster recovery efforts or for isolated locations. Through its Renewable Energy Satellite Internet Skid (RESIS), BlueTide now offers first responders and businesses with critical information needs the ability to prepare for and mitigate compromised communications situations as well as to maintain ongoing operations in logistically remote locales.

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BlueTide Communications enhances international reach with compliance certification

KNS next-generation antennas receive regulatory approval for Brazil market 

BROUSSARD, Louisiana (July 16, 2015)—Opening up the market to a solid brand of technology, National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) recently authorized distribution of two antennas from the KNS, Inc. Ku-Band SuperTrack Z-Series for sale and use in Brazil. Responsible for the regulation, authorization and enforcement of operators on the provision of telecommunication services, Anatel also defines Brazil’s telecom standards—ensuring quality products are stimulating fair market value and sustaining high-caliber competition.

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BlueTide Communications adds another premier solution to its communications services

Vessel Area Networking (VAN®) provides exceptional optimization capabilities

BROUSSARD, Louisiana (June 2, 2015)—BlueTide Communications (BlueTide) launches Vessel Area Networking (VAN®)—proprietary controls designed to ensure business-critical applications have sufficient bandwidth by efficiently managing usage and eliminating the need for additional bandwidth.

Featuring real-time management capabilities of wireless access points (WAPs), VAN is fully scalable and provides end users the flexibility to control both consumption and content, either on or off site. Accommodating compliance needs while enhancing overall productivity, VAN includes custom protocols for oversight at the user, device or application level. Supported by content filtering options, VAN guarantees network safety as well as the ability to optimize network performance. With VAN’s unprecedented visibility into a site’s usage, BlueTide customers can micro-manage or ‘macro-monitor’ bandwidth at any time from any location.

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BlueTide’s BlueVision app now available in the app store

BROUSSARD, Louisiana (April 7, 2015)—BlueTide Communications released its first proprietary iOS app on the Apple app store this month.

The proprietary app was released on the app store for easy and convenient customer access. This app—developed for customers to monitor and manage their vessels—enables customers to view live 24/7 video of the deck, take snapshots and instantly contact vessels. The BlueVision app serves as a central touch point for fleet communication.

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