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Vessel Area Network (VAN) Bandwidth Control

VAN wifi network

Rather than buying more bandwidth, maximize your wireless network with VAN, BlueTide's wifi network solution.

Like a fuel gauge for bandwidth, Vessel Area Network bandwidth controls give BlueTide customers the ability to monitor, measure and control wifi usage. Featuring real-time management capabilities of wireless access points (WAPs), VAN is fully scalable and provides the flexibility to control both usage and content, either on or off site. The powerful, long-range access points are easily customizable with secure network configurations to accommodate multiple classes of users, apply dedicated bandwidth, limit data usage, limit duration of use or create a pay-per-use portal.


Vessel Area Network bandwidth control enables customers—both on and off the vessel—to optimize wireless network usage in real time. The solution empowers customers to monitor the network, create usage privileges and manage user access and devices. Easily block and reauthorize users from both the web portal and iOS app to ensure sufficient bandwidth for business-critical applications.

  • Remotely manage wireless networks
  • Monitor network bandwidth by WAP, user device, time of day or usage
  • Easily view, block and authorize users
  • Pre-programmed classes of service
  • Control guest and session expiration policies
  • Set dedicated bandwidth for user groups and networks
  • Single WAP login


Maintain compliance with corporate and customer requirements with an easily adjustable filtering application. Content filtering also minimizes network threats by blocking categories known for malicious software.

Manage content filtering and priority-based usage through custom protocols set at the user, device or application level.

  • Custom filtering options by domain or category
  • Choose from 55+ available categories
  • Manage white/black lists
  • View top domains visited
  • Understand usage by time of day


VAN is complemented by BlueTide’s Access Management Portal (AMP) iOS app to maximize real-throughput. Like a fuel gauge for network bandwidth, AMP gives BlueTide customers the ability to monitor, measure and control wifi usage—on or off site—through a convenient, user-friendly mobile interface.