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VSAT Satellite Coverage Area

BlueTide’s VSAT satellite coverage area reaches customers around the globe including the Gulf of Mexico, Trinidad, Brazil, the North Sea, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and more. Suited for remote maritime and offshore sites, BlueTide provides VSAT coverage and connectivity to the energy, leisure and commercial shipping sectors.

BlueTide Coverage Map


BlueTide’s deep experience in the energy sector delivers service to four of the largest offshore supply vessel companies as well as liftboats, dive boats, rigs and platforms throughout the world with concentrations of service in the Gulf of Mexico, Brazil, the North Sea, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.


Service to yachts, superyachts and private islands is rapidly expanding with VSAT satellite coverage in all major yachting areas including the Bahamas, Caribbean, Eastern seaboard, Greece, Italy and French Riviera. Our Fort Lauderdale office is strategically located to quickly respond to on-vessel service and equipment needs.


Commonly referred to as blue water coverage, service to Atlantic and Pacific is available and with the growing trend toward Ku-band for this sector, BlueTide offers our customers unlimited service plans comparable in cost to L-band usage-based options.


Don’t see coverage in your area? Contact us for the most up-to-date coverage or to discuss how we can partner with you in providing coverage for your needs.